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Our Work

The work of CORDUSA - Global Network will be site-specific as it is based on the needs of the communities. The following projects are being initiated in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

Elder - Youth Intergenerational Bonding Program

Both our youth and our senior citizens benefit from this match up and have the potential for great growth. Children do Seva for the elders but also learn about the lived history of our elders. Elders feel a sense of purpose and companionship with the youth.

Women to Women Mentorship Program through Community Action Network

We formed a partnership with the Community Action Network of Washtenaw County to work with women in the community, address their needs, and build skills through shared resources. This will include job mentorship and comprehensive support.

Youth Mentorship

We are building a network of youth mentors to work with children in the community in need of mentorship.

Resource Building

We are working with experts in a variety of fields so that we will have a rich foundation of resources from which to draw as we reach out into the community.

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