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February Women-to-Women Update

On Feb. 16, we had our monthly CORDUSA – Ann Arbor Women-to-Women meeting with 15 women. The topic was Affordable Housing. Rather than having a speaker come in and talk, we instead had a full group discussion the whole meeting. 

“It was a rousing, lively discussion as everybody had a lot to say,” Vidya Ramanathan said. “People were riled up about the gross inequities in our society.”

The women talked about how to navigate the finances of paying a down payment, renting vs. buying, Section 8, and how to approach a bank. They then shared resources for affordable housing. 

“You can fly so high, but sooner or later, you’re gonna have to land,” said Ms. Mary Philpot, one of the attendees, about life’s expenses. 

Written by Satvika

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