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Austin's Future With CORDUSA - Global Network Looks Bright! (CM Austin Intergenerational Bonding Program Blog Post)

As CORD Global seeks to expand into the Austin Chinmaya Mission, many students are enthusiastic and looking forward to the new experience. Recently, Austin hosted an intergenerational bonding session with numerous seniors and high schoolers. During the meeting, both parties expressed their interest and absorbed a wealth of knowledge and information. The responses received afterward showed how engaged and fascinated the students and seniors were. Austin CMA can confidently say that this conference has been a great success and will continue to be eagerly attended by both the young and seniors alike.

As a high school student, I was deeply grateful for the recent event. Many students like me lack access to valuable resources, unlike the seniors in our city who possess a wealth of knowledge and experience. I asked my peers about their expectations for the conference, and their responses varied: 

Urjith, a 10th grader, appreciated the insights shared by the elders about their lives. He believes that comparing their experiences to ours provides valuable guidance. Urjit is eager to engage in discussions about opinions and controversies with the seniors from Austin CMA. 

Rasshessh, a 9th grader, cherished the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with the elders. He found the seniors to be friendly and believed that both sides learned a lot from each other. Rasshessh is looking forward to exploring common interests and discussing life with the seniors. 

Arun, also a 9th grader, thoroughly enjoyed the event and is eagerly awaiting the next one. He commended CMA for organizing the conference and expressed pride in the community's efforts to enrich the experiences of both elders and youth. Arun is keen on learning about the history of the seniors' lives and discussing his favorite topics with them.

-- Written by Arun A, CM Austin

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