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Food Insecurity in Washtenaw County

This past semester, I've been working on a project for school where I'm writing an article for the school newspaper about food insecurity in our county. When I came to the CORDUSA – Ann Arbor Women’s Group to volunteer, I asked for people who would be willing to talk with me about their experience with food struggles. I was grateful that two women were open to speaking to me about that. 

I conducted both interviews in October, and talking to these women made me realize that there’s so much more than just food insecurity to their stories. They told me about their experiences with racism and housing, and I saw the four pillar model of CORD in action (see website for more information). 

This was a really impactful experience for me, and I’m glad that I had this opportunity to combine my interest in journalism with my CORDUSA work. This is something that I’ll reflect on as I interact with people that I interview in the future. 

Update: Please read the article here!

Written by Satvika

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