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Walk for CORD 2023

On May 29th, Chinmaya Mission Ann Arbor hosted the Walk for CORD at Kensington Metropark. Over 400 people came and showed support for the cause. It was a beautiful day and everyone had a great time! Most people did the 3 mile walk in the park, while some more adventurous folks did an 8 mile walk.

We were able to raise awareness for CORD in India and Sri Lanka. We also had representatives from our local programs there, and people were really excited to see grassroots-level CORD activities happening in their own backyard! It generated a lot of enthusiasm among the crowd. (The delicious food, fun games, and energetic dancing also helped a lot!)

Teenager Mira Jayaraman, who is part of the Intergenerational Bonding Program said, “It was organized wonderfully and everybody of all ages had a good time!”

Written by Tejasvi, Satvika, and Mira

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