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From Roots to Wings: Elder-Youth Pairings

On Wednesday, August 10, we had our second elderly-youth meetup in which we had about 40 people engaged in thoughtful conversations with each other, eager to learn about each others' lived experiences. Both age groups had a lovely time and are excited to grow these relationships in the coming months and years.

Currently, the teens and senior citizens are getting paired up and will be checking in with each other on a monthly basis, after the youth go through a volunteer training. The check-ins will involve conversation and service where needed. As Vidya Aunty said, “In order for the youth to spread their wings and fly, they need to have strong roots. These relationships with the elders of the community will help build these foundations for them.”

The senior citizens were thrilled to see the enthusiasm of the youth. One elderly Aunty said, “The seniors were very happy and thankful for this outing. We were delighted to meet all the kids. What an effort to train the young kids to be in contact with seniors and help them learn from their experiences.”

As youth, we also really enjoyed talking with the elderly. It was a wonderful experience and we’re looking forward to seeing them again and getting to know them. The session really inspired us and it was very interesting to hear about the setting they grew up in, how they came to America, and how they adapted to a different lifestyle. We think CORD is a great thing and it’s so nice to be able to take part in it. We’re really looking forward to helping them and hopefully, learning more about our culture and background!

Written by Neha K, Neha S, Satvika, and Tejasvi

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