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Intergenerational Bonding

This past Wednesday, June 22, we had our first CORDUSA - Global Network event, an elderly-youth picnic at a local park. We got to talk to some of the area's senior citizens and engage with our peers.

“I attended a session from the CORD program in Ann Arbor,” high schooler Tanay Panja said, “and it was an amazing experience to interact with elderly people. It was interesting to listen to other people about their life experiences, and find commonalities between myself and the person I was talking to while having treats like popsicles. I think the program is great for the young to connect with the elderly. Both the young and the old would love the time spent together. I look forward to talking, helping, playing games, or learning new things from the older adults.”

We can’t wait to connect with more people thanks to these programs. Keep checking back for more information!

Written by Tanay, Tejasvi, and Satvika

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