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Women to Women Networking!

Today, women from CORDUSA - Global Network and women from the Bryant Neighborhood in Ann Arbor met for the first time to establish the beginning of a partnership between the two groups at the Bryant Community Center through the Community Action Network of Washtenaw County.

It was a beautiful bonding experience where women shared their own stories and got to learn more about themselves and each other. They played ice breaker games, shared anecdotes about their lives, and talked about skills they would like to learn and skills they can teach. The women got a chance to see that even though people may come from different backgrounds, everyone shares similarities and can learn from each other.

It was really touching to see people become comfortable with each other and start to form friendships with people that they just met. Women have the power to transform communities, and seeing the ideas coming to light today made that abundantly clear.

They all said they are looking forward to the next meeting, and are planning to make these regularly scheduled events.

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